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Subject Announcing the Event Calendar
Posted 9/17/2000; 5:39 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 9/17/2000; 5:42 PM by Seth Dillingham
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We did it!

We're very pleased to announce that our newest baby is finally ready to be shown to the world. Conversant now has an event calendar! All current sites, free or paid, have access to it.

The docs for the event calendar are almost complete. You'll find them at

Before you set up an event calendar in your site, perhaps you'd like to browse our demo?

Please consider the current version to be a work in progress. There are likely to be some bugs, and there are probably some things that you'll find a little confusing. If you find anything like that, please report it to us here on the support site so that we can get them fixed ASAP.

The Event Calendar plugin is a very big deal for us, because it's the first real demonstration of Conversant's flexibility outside of the realms of content management and discussion groups. We've said all along that Conversant is a Groupware Platform, and having a built-in Event Calendar helps us to demonstrate this point.

There are some things you should be aware of, before you start to use the calendar.

First, the descriptions of the events in the event calendar are stored as messages in the discussion group. This is cool because it means you can discuss events if you want to. This also introduces a small problem that we haven't dealt with yet, but will be soon. That is, there's no context, so messages that belong to events look incomplete when viewed on their own (in the DG, email, or news).

Consider a message that simply says, "Oren's Birthday"... it doesn't offer much if the rest of the event information isn't there also. We're going to fix this by allowing you to specify a separate template for viewing events in the dg/email/newsgroup. This isn't ready yet, but it's coming soon.

Second, there are many, many important features planned for the event calendar, that haven't been implemented yet. We're going to post a public list of these features sometime in the next couple of days. We want to get your feature requests, but please look at this list first, to see if we're already planning it.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy using the event calendar as much as we've enjoyed working on it. We've had a lot of fun writing it! Conversant is a wonderful groupware platform (speaking now from a developer's perspective), and is allowing us to do things that would seem to be too big a task to undertake in any other system.

Please let us know what you think!

Seth Dillingham
President, Macrobyte Resources

P.S. Special thanks go to Philippe "Flip" Martin, for all of his incredible work, especially on the code that manages the Event Calenar's interface. Everybody at Macrobyte deserves some credit for the new baby, but without Flip's tireless efforts and patience with people who actually need to sleep occasionally, we'd never have gotten as far as we did. Thanks Flip!

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A new message is created every time an event is added to an event calendar.