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Subject Loads of New Stuff
Posted 10/14/2000; 5:21 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 10/14/2000; 5:30 PM by Seth Dillingham
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Prepare to be overwhelmed.

Today we released the following new features:

  • Full set of macros for getting information about any message in the conversation. This is extremely powerful stuff!

  • Advanced Query Page, which does everything the old query page does, and also allows for queries based on relative dates, and allows you to use stored queries (so that long URL in Steve Ivy's RSS solution can be shortened dramatically).

  • Improved fullThread page, which now takes advantage of the new msgMacros. All existing fullThread pages, on all sites, have been updated to use this new page (no change in appearance, but you can tap into a lot more power now if you want to).

  • The #JavaScript macro can now (optionally) be used to link to your site's javascripts, which will be served separately (just like stylesheets) and then cached by the browser. Also includes full support for page scripting languages other than javascript, such as VBScript.

  • The #styleSheetTag macro can now (optionally) be used to embed stylesheets into your templates or pages, just like the javascript macro. Also, you can supply a name parameter to embed a stylesheet other than the default.

  • MIME types! You can now specify a page's MIME type in the structure editor. This will be especially useful for anyone serving RSS data (or any other XML) via Steve Ivy's excellent method.

    Another example use for the MIME type is creating a robots.txt file for your site, for which the MIME type should be text/plain. Note that this will only work if your site is on it's own host (the robots.txt file is ignored by the indexers if it's not at the root level of a host, like

I don't think I've forgotten anything significant.

Oh, there's one other little detail... weblogs will now serve about 10% faster than they did before. Not a huge improvement, and you may not even notice it, but every little bit helps!


P.S. Thanks go to Greg Pierce for most of this stuff. He's been working for weeks on the Advanced Query Page, the new msgMacros, and the updates to the fullThread page. Great work, Greg!

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RE: Loads of New Stuff
10/14/2000 by Duncan Smeed
I'm overwhelmed! These are great features. Thanks Greg, Seth, et al. After