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Subject RE: HTML in Plaintext Email
Posted 6/5/2000; 6:02 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 6/5/2000; 6:03 PM by Seth Dillingham
In Response To RE: HTML in Plaintext Email (#789)
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>Having established my inexperience on this, I will now bow out except
>to say I still think it's something each member should decide on their
>own, whether to receive mail as plaintext or HTML, something along the
>lines of Manila's Bulletins feature, only for all messages.

Conversant itself has two email modes, which can be switched back and forth for specific conversations:

  1. Single Subscriber

    In Single Subscriber mode, the email interface essentially becomes a mailing list. In fact, the email interface, in Single Subscriber mode, Conversant integrates with a traditional list server like Majordomo or LetterRip (any list server will do). When you subscribe to a Conversant site (to receive new messages by email), you are actually subscribing to a mailing list.

    All sites on the Free-Conversant service are created in Single Subscriber mode, and a mailing list is automatically created along with them. Also, the defaults that are set are for attachments to be stripped out of all mailings, and for all mail to be sent in plaintext mode.

    In Single Subscriber mode, there is no way for an individual user to specify whether he wants HTML or plaintext, attachments or not, etc, because he's subscribed to a mailing list, and every subscriber gets the same settings. Only the site, zone, or server administrator can change these settings, and it affects all subscribers.

    The benefit of Single Subscriber mode is throughput. Conversant only needs to send out one email for every message that's posted, rather than one email per message per user. The list server then takes care of sending the email out to the subscribers, which is something that every list server is good at.

  2. Multiple Subscriber

    In Multiple Subscriber mode, Conversant acts like a smart list server. In this mode, subscirbers can specify:

    • Plaintext vs. HTML
    • Attachments vs. No Attachments
    • Maximum Attachment Size (kilobytes)

    The primary benefit is that every user gets the email how s/he wants it.

    The "drawback" to Multiple Subscriber mode is somewhat decreased performance. Every message needs to be sent to every user. On a server like Free-Conversant, that's a significant increase in the work the server must do to send out the messages.

    Note that we said "significant increase" not "impossible load". There are some sites running on Free-Conversant in Multiple-Subscriber mode. The additional work that must be done is not a terrible burden.

We're making Multiple Subscriber mode available to anyone with a Virtual Space, Basic Domain, or Dedicated Server account, as of today. More on that in another email.


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RE: HTML in Plaintext Email
6/5/2000 by Mark Morgan
I swear, some day one of us is going to think of a feature before you've implemented