"What's This Pattern Contest I Heard About?"

Categories and Prizes | Rules

It's an open challenge to create some great new designs for Conversant sites.

You create a new Conversant site, give it a cool look and some great features. Create a pattern file with the built-in wizard. Submit your pattern here.

There are three prizes available, one each for the best patterns in three different categories. Each category has a different sponsor!

We've tried to keep the rules and categories fairly simple.

Categories and Prizes

  • Business Blog

    Prize: 60 GB iPod and $50 iTunes Gift Certificate

    Sponsor: Terry Frazier

    Description: The pattern which is the most useful to business bloggers will win the top prize. This means flexible page design, easy and flexible display of complementary content (flickr photo-streams, rss reeds, blog-rolls, etc), user-friendly, standards support, cross-browser compatible. "Business friendly" does not mean boring.

    Want more details on this category?

  • General Use

    Prize: 30 GB iPod

    Sponsor: Clark Venable

    Description: Visually appealing, shows off some of Conversant's unique features, and easy for new users to understand and administer. If your pattern meets that description, you'll have a good shot at this prize.

  • Most Modern

    Prize: One year free Conversant hosting under the "Domains Hosting" plan

    Sponsor: Macrobyte Resources

    Description: This category is for anybody feeling edgy and playful. Go all-CSS. Use AJAX techniques wherever it makes sense. Push the limits as far as you want. Keep it appealing and attractive, stylish and thematic. Do it right and you could win a year of free hosting! (Note: we'll even help you with this stuff, if you run into difficulty. Post your questions on the support site.)


To win one of the prizes, you'll have to follow these rules:

  • sponsors, their employees and families may not enter the contest, but everyone else is welcome
  • you may enter as many patterns as you wish
  • all patterns must include:
    • a weblog on the home page (made from a Weblog II page)
    • link to the rss feed
    • discussion area (at least for weblog comments)
    • search engine (via AQP)
    • full description in the pattern file
    • screen-shot preview image in the pattern file
  • look both ways before crossing the road
  • you may revise your pattern submissions as often as you like
  • decisions of the judges are final
  • Macrobyte gets royalty-free, non-expiring permission to use any patterns submitted for the contest in free-conversant or to distribute for others to use on their own sites and/or Conversant servers. (For example, your pattern might be offered to new users when they set up a site.) Macrobyte is not under any obligation to use any patterns submitted by anyone.
  • brush your teeth after every meal
  • no adult-themed patterns will be accepted
  • each pattern will be reviewed for completeness and 'appropriateness' before being made available on the contest site
  • the contest will end at 12:01 AM on June 1, 2006, or two weeks after the twelfth pattern is submitted (whichever is later)