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Posted 4/21/2010; 12:12 AM by Steve Calkins
Last Modified 4/21/2010; 12:12 AM by Steve Calkins
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UFO picks up Laconia, NH car with teens and drops 180 ft away 3/20/10<o:p></o:p> 

Windshield cracked and air bag deployed. MUFON image. 

Two New Hampshire teenagers sitting in a parked car were approached by a black-colored UFO in Laconia on March 20, 2010, lifted into the air and then dropped back onto pavement 180 feet away, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

MUFON New England State Director Steve Firmani confirmed his investigation of the case today by telephone and said witness interviews had been completed.

The 18-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy both offer testimony about their encounter.

The two used the girl's mother's car and went to a Laconia destination that has not been released.

"We were just sitting there and I looked up at the moon," the female witness stated. "I saw this weird black-shaped object. And then, I said to my boyfriend, 'What was that?'” 

Both accounts describe the same events. They saw an object coming toward them from the sky and began to panic. When they attempted to drive away, the car they were operating was lifted up off the ground. Both describe an odd smell during the incident.

When the car hit the pavement 180 feet away, the windshield cracked and the air bags deployed.

Photo: Asphalt impact area. MUFON image.

Firmani said there was no damage to the body of the car, but that there was about $5,000 damage to the underside of the car.

The male witness described the UFO.

"I don’t know how to explain this but it turns into a ball when it wants to slow down and move around quickly and when it wants to go fast, straight, it turns into a flat plate with maze box-shaped lined lights. These were on all the time."

He describes attempting to drive away.

"The front end got picked up and the car could not move. We steered left and right but the car just kept on going up into the air."

When the car hit the ground, they drove quickly away to the girl's home where her mother called the police.

Firmani said there were three-inch divots in the curbing at the impact point where the car hit the ground. He said further study would be made to the under carriage body parts, which MUFON has retained from the body shop.

Laconia is a city in Belknap County, New Hampshire, population 16,411, 

This case was originally reported to Peter Davenport at the 
National UFO Reporting Center. Davenport referred the case to Firmani. The following is the witness testimony from this case.<o:p></o:p>

NH, March 20, 2010 - 2 Witness Accounts (Credit: Peter Davenport - NUFORC). MUFON Case # 22880.<o:p></o:p>

My name is E and I’m eighteen years old. I live in Laconia. Last Saturday night, my boyfriend D came up to see me and we went out. When we got to (edited), in Laconia, we parked in the back in the separate parking lot. We turned off the car and it was totally silent. 

We were just sitting there and I looked up at the moon. I saw this weird black-shaped object. And then, I said to my boyfriend, “What was that?” 

He looked up at it and he said, ”If it gets any closer, we need to leave.” 

I kept staring at the moon to see if it was just a plane or something. It moved back across the moon. It was huge and it looked like it was zig-zagging or changing shape. I couldn’t tell. 

He said, “I think it’s coming closer.” It flew so fast over the trees getting closer to where we were. It felt like it was zeroing in on us. It blocked the moon. And then, we started panicking and driving away. 

I thought were going to hit the Bingo building. We turned left but it felt like we went off of a jump – you know that feeling? like we were on a rollercoaster? And we were in the air. I was trying to pay attention to everything that was going on but it felt like I couldn’t. When I looked up, everything was black. The smell was not nice but it was like something you could stand. It was an odor I’ve never smelled before. I heard absolutely nothing – it was silent. I felt immobilized like I had no control over what I was doing or over my body. I could see nothing. It was like opening your eyes in a pitch black room.

I felt really nervous and scared. I don’t remember crying or screaming. I held on to the center console because I felt like I was lifted. I was holding on so tight that my thumbprint is imprinted on the center console. 

And then, when I finally realized what was happening, I was so close to the windshield that my body was going forward with my arms behind me. Everything was black. I heard a loud noise like a horn. Once. And then, the car just dropped.

I hit my eye on the dashboard and the airbags came out. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I held my face and I looked over at my boyfriend. I saw that his left arm had blood. I said, “Are you OK?” I looked at the windshield and it was cracked, totally, but only on the passenger side. 

I could see D but I couldn’t see anything outside. The only thing that made the car drop was the sound of the loud horn. When the car dropped, there was a loud boom. After that, we just drove so fast out of there. The smell went away after we drove away. And I started crying. And I said, “What the h—l just happened?” My boyfriend said, “I don’t know, I don’t know.” I didn’t feel like they were following us.

When we got home, my Mom said that she could hear me from the outside while I was freaking out. I couldn’t stop crying. My Mom said, “Calm down and tell me what happened.” I said, =93You’re never going to believe me.” “Is it my car?” she asked.<o:p></o:p>

And I said, “Let me explain,” because I felt that if I didn’t explain it fast enough, it was just going to go away from my mind. 

At about 12:15 am, a cop arrived. I told him what had happened while I was sitting down at the dinner table. My boyfriend was sitting next to me – it was then that I noticed that there was no more blood on his arm or his clothing. The cop didn’t believe me at first until he finished looking at the car. He told my Mom that there was no reason for the air bags to come out because nothing else on the car was damaged. He didn’t check underneath the car but we found out later that the underside was totaled. The cop said that he was going to the place where we had been.

I just felt thankful that we’d gotten out of there. But I couldn’t stop crying for more than 2 hours afterwards. My Mom said, “You should go take a shower and get the airbag dust off of you.” But I didn’t want to be alone at all. I felt lucky. And there were no scratches or anything anywhere on my body.<o:p></o:p>

The first night, my dream was that I was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old, in an Elementary School classroom. I was looking at myself as a little girl. And then it was like the teacher called me up and I couldn’t talk or say anything - but everybody else seemed to say something for me. Like everything I wanted to say, everybody else was saying it except for me. They were saying exactly what I wanted say. I have never had a dream like this before – where I am a little girl and see anything about the past. I did not feel right at all.<o:p></o:p>

I am better now. I still worry about seeing this thing again and I pay attention to the sky at night. I really don’t go out at night, anymore, because I’m scared. “

2nd Witness Account:<o:p></o:p>

My name is D. I am sixteen years old and I live in New Hampshire. Last Saturday night I went out with my girlfriend, who lives in Laconia, when we had the following experience: 

I was with her around 11. We wanted to take her Mom’s car because it was nicer and we wanted to go look at the stars. We went to (edited) at the back parking lot in Laconia. There were 8 cars already there when we arrived. Little by little, the cars started leaving one by one. We were the last car in the parking lot. Then the lights of the parking lot and the lights of the houses around us and the lights of the houses down the street started to go out one by one. 

Then my girlfriend noticed something blocking the moon and asked, "What was that?" I knew it wasn’t a cloud because it moved back against the wind and blocked the moon again. I don’t know how to explain this but it turns into a ball when it wants to slow down and move around quickly and when it wants to go fast, straight, it turns into a flat plate with maze box-shaped lined lights. These were on all the time. 

The colors were dim yellowish white and did not change. I cannot tell whether these were part of the bottom or not. It flipped a lot. I did not know which side was right or up on it. It was doing this over the trees across the street from the parking lot. It suddenly crossed the street towards our car. Its size was as big as 14 houses. It was really quiet. That’s when we had to leave. But I did not have time to turn on the headlights.

We put the clutch in to start the car and jammed it into 1st and floored it. The front end got picked up and the car could not move. We steered left and right but the car just kept on going up into the air. My girlfriend was scared and she had boogers coming out of her nose while I was cursing. The car was going up and the back wheels were off of the ground. Then I looked out of my window and saw that the parking lot park lines started getting smaller. Both our windows were down this whole time. The front windshield started to crack and shake and the cracks spread from the passenger side to the driver’s side. It popped outwards like it was pulled out.<o:p></o:p>

Something yanked my wrist. Not aggressively. And the whole time in my head something was telling me “Don’t panic,” or “Don’t be scared.” And it wasn’t in English in my head but I got the meaning. It wasn’t a language – I don’t know how to explain it. And on my girlfriend’s side, it had her half-way out of the window. Her butt was off of her seat, maybe one-and-a-half or two feet? and the car was pointed almost completely straight up at the stars – yet I saw no stars.<o:p></o:p>

Every time I tried looking at it, in front, a white film went over my eyes. It was kind of like staring at the sun with your eyelids closed. I could not hear her screaming but I know that she was screaming. My ears felt like they kept on popping from the altitude. I couldn’t hear. The smell was like unbearable, like you want to close your nose. It was spicy, like pepper-sprayish, and clean at the same time – it was a smell that you could stand but you would close your nostrils because it still smells bad. 

When I tried to fight and get my wrist back in the car, that’s when the grip got stronger. It was pulling my left arm up out of the window – there was no pain but it was strong – …. I was trying to fight off the grip on my wrist. My tongue was numb. The horn beeped by accident and the grip got a little loose. It beeped again in the struggle and my arm flopped down in the car. My girlfriend also fell back in her seat and we realized we were still up in the air. ! 

It took 2 seconds for the car to drop. When we dropped, the air bags came out. We floored it as fast as we could through the town. It was almost a straightaway to go to my girlfriend’s house with very few turns to take. During this time, both of us couldn’t stop crying. We arrived at her house and her Mom asked, =93What happened?” All this took place from 11pm to 12:30 am. It seemed like we were in the air for 10 minutes and it felt like it was forever. Her Mom called the police, and a policeman came.

The policeman did not believe us when we first told him what had happened until he looked at the vehicle. There were no scratches or dents or anything. He said that there was no reason for this to have happened to the car when there are no dents or scratches and no reason for the windshield to shatter and pop out the way it did. He had no explanation for why the windshield popped outwards. Also, when I went to open my cell phone in front of the policemen, I got shocked by it.<o:p></o:p>

On Monday, I went to my doctor to get a whole physical to make sure I was OK. My wrist had a puncture wound while my forearm has a cut that is semi-circular and there’s blood on it. I do remember that when I first looked at my arm after I got it back in the car, it was red with blood. But by the time we got to my girlfriend’s house, there was no blood anywhere. On the center consul of the car, there is an imprint of her hand. I don’t quite understand what the policeman said but it was something about the skin of her hand leaving an impression.<o:p></o:p>

Now, I don’t like to feel bumps in the car, or feel anything that trembles like a boom box. I don’t want to be out in dark areas at night. I also don’t like to walk out to my Mom’s car, anymore, outside. “

Also: Another report of same story:

Laconia, New Hampshire UFO Sighting
http://ufoclearingh<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">ouse.webs.<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">com/apps/<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">blog/show/<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">3504057-laconia-<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">new-hampshire-<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">ufo-sighting

UFO Seen following Coast Guard Helicopters in Fall River, Massachusetts

Compelling Photographs of Triangle Taken over Greenville, South Carolina


Filer's Files #13

New York Triangle

MONTICELLO -- On March 5, 2010, the witness with four of her friends she noticed bright lights in a triangular formation at 9:05 PM. The lights were hovering low over the trees and then turned on its side, shot straight up, burst into 6 to 9 lights and then dispersed. The sighting only lasted about 35 seconds and no sound was heard.


Filer's File #14

image038.jpg@01CAD0E2.A80A3CF01270065602.jpegTORONTO -- On March 16, 2010, I took these photos of this object hovering near a recently built downtown building. After seeing the report from the woman from Florida I believe it is the same thing she saw. I almost fell over when I saw the sketches on your site today. I was on my balcony 22 floors up when I saw the object at about 6:30 PM. As it got darker out I could tell this was really something. So my friend and I took pictures of it. The pictures were taken at about 7 PM and were taken with a Nikon D-40 with a zoom lens 55-200. The object stayed for about an hour and a half. We did not see it move or leave.


Corona, California UFO Sighting  (or)




Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices Patrick J. Kelly (excerpt)

Introduction   Newcomer's Introduction: A quick guide to what Free-Energy is all about, explaining the basics. HTML

Chapter 1   Magnet Power: Introduction, Contents, Overview, COP, the Wang magnet motor, Bedini magnet motor, Ecklin-Brown magnetic generator, the Phi Transformer, John Reardon's Lenz-less rotor, Howard Johnson magnet motor, Carousel magnet motor, Robert Tracy magnet motor, Ben Teal electromagnetic motor, Jines magnet motor, Stephen Kundel's magnet motor, Charles Flynn's magnet motor, the Steorn magnet motor, the Asymmetrical magnet motor, Lines of Magnetic Force, Steele Braden's magnet motor, David Cunningham's magnet motor, Emil Hartman's magnetic track, Howard Johnson's magnetic track, Graham Clarke's Magnitic track, James Roney's shielded stator magnets, the shielded twin-rotor idea, Don Kelly's magnet motor patent and the Perendev Magnet Motor. size 2.3 Mb, 8 Apr 2010 HTML

Chapter 2   Moving Pulsed Systems: The Adams motor, Harold Aspden's modifications of the Adams motor, Raymond Kromrey's No-drag Generator, Teruo Kawai's motor, self-powered 800 watt generator, the Muller motor, the RotoVerter, Phil Wood's energy pick-up, Phil Wood's DC motor RotoVerter modification, the David Kousoulides energy pick-up, thyristor testing circuit and alternator design details from Prof. Kevin Sullivan. size 1.4 Mb, 26 Mar 2010 HTML

Chapter 3   Motionless Pulsed Systems: Graham Gunderson's Solid-state Electric Generator, Charles Flynn's magnetic power enhancement system, Lawrence Tseung's magnetic frame, the Richard Willis COP>1 generator, Stefan Leben's self-powered electrical generator, Floyd Sweet's VTA, Dan Davidson's acoustic generator, the Pavel Imris optical amplifier, Michael Ognyanov's self-powered power pack, the Meyer-Mace Isotopic Generator, the Colman/Seddon-Gilliespie generator, Hans Coler's passive device, Don Smith's "Resonance Energy Methods", Kwang-jeek Lee's power amplification system, Tariel Kapaladze's self-powered electrical generator and Meguer Kalfaian's solid-state elcetron-spin power generator. size 1.7 Mb, 11 Apr 2010 HTML

Chapter 4   Gravitational Pulsed Systems: Lawrence Tseung's pulsed wheel, Chas Campbell's pulsed flywheel, John Bedini's pulsed flywheel, the water-jet generator, The Magnetic Pendulum, Johann Bessler's gravity wheel, the Dale Simpson gravity wheel, the Veljko Milkovic pendulum/lever system, the Dale Simpson hinged-plate system, the Murilo Luciano gravity chain and Ivan Monk's Rotary Power Unit. size 1 Mb, 20 Mar 2010 HTML

Chapter 5   Energy-Tapping Pulsed Systems: Frank Prentice's electrical power accumulator, Dave Lawton's cold electricity water-splitter cell, John Bedini's pulsed battery charger, the Tesla Switch, Dave Lawton's cold electricity lightbulb, Bob Boyce's TPU energy tapping circuit, Don Smith's devices, Steven Mark's TPU, comments from Jack Durban on Steven's TPU, a Nikola Tesla patent, the Ed Gray power tube, Radiant Energy waves, Nikola Tesla's experiments, Don Smith information, the Alberto Molina-Martinez generator, Alfred Hubbard's device, Joseph Cater's device, Floyd Sweet's VTA, Collapsing Field Technology generators and Rosemary Ainslie's heater design. size 1.5 Mb, 17 Apr 2010 HTML

Chapter 6   Battery-Charging Pulsed Systems: John Bedini's pulsed systems, battery information from Ronald Knight, Ron Pugh's battery charger build, a self-charging battery pulser, the fan pulse charger, the automotive pulse charger, the self-charging motor, the Alexkor battery charger, the one-battery pulse charger and the Tesla Switch. size 685 Kb, 27 Mar 2010 HTML

Chapter 7   Aerial Systems: Nikola Tesla's system, Thomas Henry Moray's system, Moray King's circuit suggestions, Hermann Plauston's systems, Roy Meyer's device and Raymond Phillips' RF to DC aerial system. size 342 Kb, 18 Jun 2009 HTML 

Chapter 8   Fuel-less Engines: The energy in air, Bob Teal's compressed air engine, Scott Robertson's thoughts on putting low-pressure air into a tank of high-pressure air, the Leroy Rogers compressed-air vehicle engine adaption, the Vortex Tube, the Eber Van Valkinberg compressed fluids engine, the Clem engine, Vortex analysis by Prof. Evert, the Josef Papp engine, the Robert Britt engine, the Michael Eskeli turbines, the water-jet generator and the Cahill / Scott generator. size 1.7 Mb, 26 Dec 2009 HTML

Chapter 9   Passive Systems: Hans Coler's device, Thomas Trawoeger's pyramid, Karel Drbal's pyramid, James Brock's pyramids, Verne Cameron's pyramid transmission technique, the Pancake coil, Peter Grandic's patent, Les Brown's pyramid information, the Joe Cell, Bill Williams' design and recent analytical advances, and co-ax cable electrets. size 928 Kb, 5 Feb 2010 HTML

Chapter 10   Vehicle Systems: The HydroStar and HydroGen designs, running an engine on water alone, Hydroxy Boosters, electrolyser design, Pulse Width Modulation current control, Dave Lawton's replication of Stan Meyer's Water Fuel Cell water-splitter, Dave Lawton's circuits and construction details, pipe-tuning details, Dr Cramton's low-power water-splitting, Stan Meyer's water injection system, Peter Lowrie's hydroxy system, mpg improvement through cam timing, the Firestorm spark plug, Ted Ewert's Vortex Turbine, Water Vapour Injection systems, the Ram Implosion Wing, Fuelsavers, high mpg carburettors, Vortex fuel reformers and the weird nature of water. size 1.4 Mb, 26 Mar 2010 HTML

Chapter 11  Other Devices: Nikola Tesla's power from air system, Dr. Harold Apsden's Electrical Power Generating Apparatus patent, Our Energy Future, Paulo and Alexandra Correa's conversion of Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves to ordinary electricity, Prof. Constantin Meyl's scalar wave information, Nikola Tesla's MHD device, the effects of the Zero-Point Energy field, John R. R, Searle's self-powered garvitational device, construction details for Dave Lawton's gravity wave detector, the Butch Lafonte motor/generator, the Joseph Newman motor, the differences between Maxwell and Heaviside, Daniel Cook's electrical generator, Michael Eskeli's work-free heater design, Karl Schapeller's Device, Condensation-induced water hammer and William Hyde's COP=10 electrostatic power generator. size 1.2 Mb, 27 Dec 2009 HTML

Chapter 12   Electronics Tutorial: Simple descriptions of Voltage, resistors, capacitors, current flow, multimeters, transistor circuits, sensor systems, relays, diodes, transistor testing circuits, Power Supply Units, AC, DC, rectification, the SCR, the triac, the opto-isolator, LEDs, chokes, transformers, the Schmitt Trigger, solenoids, RF detection, coil impedance, the diode bridge, multivibrators, inverters, truth tables, the 7414 chip, NAND gates, latches, bistables, gating, the 4093 chip, prototype construction, the 4011, the Darlington pair, using a gate as an amplifier, the 555 chip, the 741 chip, op-amps and comparators, the 4022 chip, laying out a circuit, test equipment and how to build it, and 'the weird stuff'. size 508 Kb, 7 Jun 2009 HTML

Chapter 13   Doubtful Devices: Paul Baumann's Thestatika, Michael Faraday's Homopolar Generator (or the N-Machine), the Romag and Mini-Romag, Cold Fusion, Moller's Atomic Hydrogen Generator, Muammer Yildiz's 'Ocean Star' electrical generator, Jesse McQueen's 'Internal Energy-generating Power Source', the 'D18' Nitro Cell, the HydroStar and HydroGen systems, Hydrogen from Aluminium, Francois Cornish's system, Ultrasonic Water-splitting, Tom Bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, Dave Lawton's assymetric MEG and Valeri Ivanov's Motionless Generator. size 689 Kb, 28 Dec 2009 HTML

Chapter 14   Renewable-Energy Devices: Efficient solid-fuel burners, Stan Meyer's hydroxy gas burner system, the Kim heaters, the Eugene Frenette heater, the Eugene Perkins heater, the multi-disc heater, the Peter Davey heater, the simple home-build windmill design from Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink, Frank Herbert's high-efficiency windmill, the 'Power Plant for Caravans' from Claude Mead and William Holmes, the easy-build Solar Funnel cooker, water and milk pasteurisation, the Solar Funnel as a Cooler, the Solar Puddle, the 'Easy-Lid Cooker', drinking water systems, solar sills, Elmer Grimes' high-volume drinking water from air, the Chalice Courneya water from air system, Toribio Bellocq's well-pumping system, Richard Dickinson's well-pumping system, Arthur Bentley's well-pumping system, the self-powered Ram Pump, wave power systems, solar icemaking, Einstein's refrigeration through heating and solar panels. size 1.4 Mb, 2 Jan 2010 HTML


Lawrence, Kansas UFO Sighting Event Date: 2004-09-01 20:30 GMT Shape: Triangle Distance: 100 feet

    A friend and I where hanging out by this lake only a block from our houses on the south west part of lawrence Kansas. There was a full moon and the frogs where croaking. Everything seemed normal, until my friend noticed something. "What is that?" he asked, pointing to the horizon at the East end of the lake. Above the tree line was a glowing red ball, and it was getting closer. "It's just an airplain comming towards us." I said, knowing airplains don't move that fast, but before I could second guess myself the bright red orb simply dissapeared. Everything whent quiet. I remember watching the reflection of the moon in the water being eclipsed by a shadow. So i quickley looked up to see a giant triangle slowly come to a stop over our heads. My friend and I held eachother like whimpering school girls. It didn't make a sound.

     I remember lights on the bottom of it kicked on. A red, blue, and green light, one on each corner. I was so scared the experience is blurry, and hard to remember. We watched the craft slowly move west over the wheat field behind us, turn back into the twinkling red ball and sink into the horizon. I don't think i've ever ran so fast in my life. We where almost home When we noticed jets in the sky. These where verry obviousley jets with lights on there wings. performing flight patters as they screatched through the night sky, looking for something.

     I had nightmares for a wile after the experience, but it was years ago now. I wish i had more information for you. When I ask my friend about it he only remembers the red light above the trees. I can't blame him for not wanting to remember. Where we abducted? Did we experience time loss? Where we somehow chosen for some greater purpose where not sure of yet? I simply don't know. But one things for sure, that night changed my life.


 Brookston, Indiana UFO Sighting Event Date: 1995-07-11 03:00 GMT Shape: Triangle

    Look, this is not very easy for me. I feel stupid even doing this, and I dont want phone calls or any other crap. I was about 17 years old(I am now 32) and I was with three friends outside of Brookston Indiana(town of 5000 people in white county) at my parents house. We were all drinking and smoking Marijuana, which is part of the reason I never reported this. I knew what people would say. Behind my parnets house, is a wide open field for about 200 yards before reaching the Town Baseball Park on the outskirts of Brookston. We were just bored kids, walking around and talking, drinking, and having a good time. At one point, two of my friends walked across Highway 18 to the Cemetary to get some fresh air. My other friend and I decided to watch the night sky while laying in the wide open field, enjoying our Buzz and relaxing.

     All of a sudden, I saw lights behind me(to the west) and at first i thought they were a plane of some kind, or a high flying jet, but i kept listening for engine noise that never came(it is VERY quiet at night outside my parents house.) The light intensity slowly got brighter, still no noise, when before we knew it, we were both looking at the front tip of the UFO DIRECTLY above us and floating slowly and silently towared the east. I was terrified. It was so huge and so quiet, it is like a totally contrasting situation to see something so big moving that doesnt make any noise at all. We lied there, both of us frozen with fear and unable to speak. Contrary to other sightings I have heard of and read about, the object did not up and zip away into the clouds or off of the horizon. It just continued on its course until it was completely out of sight. Never a noise, never a change in course, nothing. Just a giant, Black, silent triangle flying low and moving slowly over the landscape. I have never been so afraid of anything in my life. Ever. I have never seen anything like that since. I am a married man(10 years) I have two kids, a good job, and no history of mental illness, or medications.


Michael Tellinger Interview<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">com/watch?<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">v=4bIXCwb9nAo&feature=related


Peter Joseph - Where are we now? Lecture London 25 July 2009<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">com/watch?<wbr style="line-height: 1.22em; ">v=4O67AZfUMXw


asphalt-impact-area-2-250.jpg (41K)
clip_image001.jpg (24K)
image038.jpg@01CAD0E2.A80A3CF01270065602.jpeg (7K)