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Subject Dr. Stephen Greer: Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge
Posted 7/29/2006; 11:09 AM by Bruce Tanner
Last Modified 7/29/2006; 11:09 AM by Bruce Tanner
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IMO, Dr. Greer is a disinfo agent, perhaps not consciously (being handled, ergo meeting described below... Thanks to Steve Calkins for this link:

July 5, 2006 - Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge: Dr. Greer's new book
Part 2 - Involvement of bankers and royal families

If you're still skeptical about the fact that there's a semi-covert group out there that's hell bent on establishing "global peace" as if there's no tomorrow, or the fact that high level conspiracies for less-than-noble reasons occur on a regular basis, I recommend you skip this article. Following is a subject that goes beyond the globalist group, or themes like the movie 'Syriana'. Whether the following is true or not has nothing to do with the fact that there's a globalist group running world events from behind the scenes (albeit less monolithic than is usually thought).

Like his earlier books, in his biography 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge' Steven Greer is talking about a subjects that is of interest to this site. What he's basically doing is to describe the highest circles of power, which no one in the public domain has ever convincingly done. Although there's much he hasn't made public yet, there's quite a bit of powerful information in his new book that I would like to discuss here.

1994 Wrigley Mansion meeting
According to his biography, Dr. Greer was invited to a conference at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, Arizona in the winter of 1994. The discussion was about a possible disclosure

Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, AZ
  of UFO information and making contact with ETs. The people who invited Greer were part of a rogue cell (compartmented group) within the larger control group. It seems that the people in this cell are more influential than the one that is interfacing with the civilian UFO community (in which General Albert Stubblebine ("Gen. T.E.") and Colonel John Alexander ("Col. MK") are leading members), as
Greer makes sure not to reveal their identities in his book. All he says about them is that their methods are "beyond dark" and that a number of "shadowy corporate people" were present, as well as a "prominent industrialist".

During the break, Greer was taken out onto the balcony by an unidentified person. This person, once again, tried to recruit Greer into his cell, and in the process gave him some interesting information. Greer put part of that conversation in chapter 16 of his book:

"Well, you know, if you want to be supported in this, just let us help you... we know you have platinum cards and gold cards. Just maximize all of them, every month: $50,000, $100,000, whatever. Get as many of them as you want. And give us the numbers. And since we run all the super computers that back up and monitor the banking system of the world, we'll simply erase those account balances to zero as paid each month."

"You know, we understand you've had this meeting with the CIA Director and are providing information to the President, but you need to know that those people don't know anything, and they're never going to know anything. You should understand that — well, you should be talking to people like us. The people dealing with this are people who do a lot of contract work for the government, under "Work For Others" -"WFO" - contracts. And you should be talking to certain think tanks. And you should be talking to certain religious orders and certain orders of Jesuit priests who have control over the technology transfer." (Greer acknowledges that this person gave more information on who to talk to, but he didn't put it in the book)

"I understand you're going to Europe soon to meet with certain people connected to the British royal family... It so happens that, I'm going to be over there meeting with the Rothschilds and the people who control the Volvo Corporation and some of the other big industrial concerns, because they are working with us."

"One of my friends, who's really interested in what you're doing, is one of the leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations, Ambassador Maxwell Rabb. Would you like to come to a meeting with him?... the Petersons are also working with me, and maybe we can get together with them."

Realizing the controversial nature of the conversation, Greer adds: "This is a true story. I'm telling you, every word is true. Put me under any drug; hook me up to any

Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, AZ

machine. What I'm telling you is true."

The fact that the Rothschilds are mentioned shouldn't be that much of surprise. Volvo is probably less expected.

I have no idea who "controlled" (shareholders, CEO, or both?) the Volvo corporation in the turbulent 1993/1994 period, when a merger between Renault and Volvo fell

apart due to an internal struggle at Volvo between its CEO and chairman, Pehr Gyllenhammar, and some of the board members and most important shareholders (whoever those were).

Gyllenhammar was the CEO of Volvo for a very long time, from 1971 to 1993, and chair since 1983. He was part of the Advisory Council of the Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank since 1972. Since then, he has been invited to leading positions at Kissinger Associates, Lazard Frères, and several divisions in the Rothschild network. Since Gyllenhammar has also been one of the most important builders of a united Europe, together with Etienne Davignon, PEHI already has a detailed bio of him available in the introduction article.

By 1994, however, the less-impressive Soren Gyll had become CEO of Volvo, next to the new, also not-too-impressive, chairman, Bert-Olof Svanholm. In 1997, Svanholm died while Gyll, supposedly, was forced to step down due to pressure from the board. Doesn't sound like these two would classify as "controllers" of Volvo. But whoever "controlled" Volvo, it certainly wasn't the Wallenbergs, as some might immediately suspect.

Update, July 17:
For what it's worth, an email from Volvo:

end of 1994 the largest shareholders (>5% votes) were
[1] Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund - 7.9% votes, 4.9% capital
[2] Renault SA - 7.8% votes, 3.0% capital
[3] Sparbanken (Robur) savings funds - 6.4% votes, 5.0% capital
[4] SEB savings funds - 6.0% votes, 2.4% capital

end of 1995 the largest shareholders (>5% votes) were
[1] Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund - 7.9% votes, 4.7% capital
[2] Renault SA - 7.7% votes, 2.9% capital
[3] Sparbanken (Robur) savings funds - 6.5% votes, 5.0% capital
[4] SHB Pension Fund - 5.0% votes, 1.9% capital

At least two other names were mentioned by Greer's conversation partner: Maxwell Rabb and the Petersons.

  Rabb has been working in the shadows of some very important people: the Pilgrims executive Henry Cabot Lodge and the alleged co-founder of MJ-12, James Forrestal. Forrestal was a very important banker at Dillon, Read & Co., the Pilgrims bank that had those business deals with Fritz Thyssen, next to Hjalmar Schacht the most important backer of Hitler. Interestingly, Rabb has long-time connections to the Italian-US mafia and might also have
been a major player in the so-called post-war Fascist International. His bio can be found here.

  Pete Peterson, one of the four or five heads of the CFR since the end of WWII, is one of the largest globalist players in the world today, and one of the closest associates of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Maurice Greenberg (AIG). All these people are busy with "opening up" China's domestic market. Peterson is head of the Blackstone Group, a front company for US intelligence to launder money, according to some. It owned
the WTC7 mortgage since 2000, and Peterson, like many of his friends, now play a key role in rebuilding Lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attack. Peterson's full bio can be found here. A shorter version can be found in the June 13 update, in which he was identified as a Pilgrims Society member.

Other info given to Greer
Two years earlier, Greer also received some interesting information during the (failed) recruiting process in General T.E.'s (Albert Stubblebine) cell:

"General T.E. told me a number of things. For example, he said there were extraterrestrial craft and facilities underneath the surface of Mars and that covert projects had imaged them. He also privately told me about all kinds of assets that covert programs had that were advanced technologies- up to the level of what the ETs had. I was able to gather quite a bit of good information through the courtship that was being attempted.
I learned that this particular 'cell' was interfacing with the civilian UFO world from the covert world -- they are an interface group and they have penetrated many civilian UFO projects."

[General T.E.'s people said] "Just who the hell do you think you are, going out there, basically bypassing the national military command to do this?"... "We control the media, and all the satellites they use; so we will take control... [when an unapproved disclosure is about to take place]"

Isn't it ironic that Marie Galbraith's UFO "disclosure" group described Greer as a "loose cannon" in the late 1990s? Like he doesn't have the right to do things his own way, or the right to share the findings of the group with the general public.

  Another person, Greer claims, that was part of the control group was William Colby, the former CIA director who was deeply involved in setting up the European Stay-Behind networks. Colby's role in Vietnam has been questioned due to his role in Project Phoenix and the Nugan Hand Bank (He was an attorney of this bank that is suspected of having been a world wide heroin money laundering center, revolving around Ted Shackley's secret team. One of Shackley's best friends was Conrad Gerber, a major player in the international oil markets who is a present-day

member of Le Cercle). After Vietnam he became involved with Kissinger's 40 Committee, which oversaw special operations against foreign countries. Colby has attended meetings of the private transnational security group Le Cercle**, which is tightly linked to the Vatican (SMOM and Opus Dei) and the London business and religious interests, not the least of them the Rothschilds. It also has some links to the legendary French Synarchie. According to Greer, Colby received access to extraterrestrial material, together with a black budget of about $50 million. In the mid 1990s, Colby, of the opinion that the covert projects were out of control, decided to transfer a large sum to Greer's CSETI. But before he was able to do that, he was assassinated.

** Le Cercle article will be vastly expanded in the near future.

Accusations (although proof is always absent) about money laundering, dope trafficking, weapons, and raw materials, seems to be the common theme between some of the people mentioned above:

  • Maxwell Rabb, possibly through both the mafia's Sterling National Bank and Finance International.
  • Pete Peterson, possibly through AIG.
  • William Colby, possibly through the Nugan Hand Bank.

The control group
According to Greer, there's a worldwide control group of about 200 to 300 members who's sitting on these technologies and information. Not everyone in this group has the same ideas or agendas, but the most powerful faction within this group, who has access to all the technologies (mentioned is a spectrum of psychotronic weaponry, powerful supercomputers, advanced bio-science, craft with exotic propulsion systems and control systems linked to thought, and consciousness-linked real-time monitoring systems), is highly violent. Even Lawrance Rockefeller was afraid of the control group, and said to Greer: "My hands are tied... you have to do it... I can't be up there. The family won't have it." In fact, Greer mentions reports of satanic initiations in his book. This is a touchy subject, but completely similar statements, for similar purposes (intimidation; blackmail; selection procedure), can be found in the Belgian X-File witness testimonies ("Opus Dei members are the most brutal"), among other places.

In the United States, the Mormon financial empire, David Rockefeller, George Shultz and Bechtel have a lot of involvement with the covert group, although they might be part of different cells. Several defense and aerospace companies have mercenaries working for them who are involved with the sickest parts of the Devil's Disciples motorcycle gang. In England we have the Rothschilds while it seems that the British royal family, at least in the past, doesn't know the whole story. In northern Europe we have some of the same Jewish/Protestant/Atheist businessman of the type that can be found in England and the US. And in southern Europe we have cells within the Vatican, Opus Dei, SMOM, the Jesuits, and some of the other religious orders headed by the catholic "black" nobility (Hans Adam is mentioned by Greer. I would also guess Opus Dei luminaries as Otto von Habsburg, Juan Carlos, the Duke of Savoy, Thurn und Taxis and possibly the Belgian royals have some kind of involvement), who are part of the covert group. According to Greer, this is where the keepers of this information should be found. Hopefully he'll release more information in the future.

A strange mix, indeed

The aims of this control group, according to Greer, is to establish a worldwide big brother government and to reduce the world's population to a fraction of what it is today. Apocalyptic worldviews and radical environmental agendas are the reason behind these planned population reductions. The technologies themselves are kept secret, because it would completely and permanently upset the present world order.

Supposedly, there is an agenda out there to stage an alien threat on the earth with so-called "alien reproduction vehicles" (ARVs) manned by "programmed life forms" (PLFs). According to Greer, this is really a core issue of the hidden agenda. Already before 9/11, it was claimed that the "terrorist card" would be played some time before the extraterrestrial event would be staged.

There's much more to be found in the book, or on the Disclosure Project DVDs and books. Even though the information would ordinarily be labeled as "insane", it's very hard to write off Greer's credentials and accomplishments. He is a medical doctor who ran a busy ER, and he has spoken to quite a number of influential individuals. Among his supporters, and-or the people he has spoken to, are:

  • James Woolsey , when he was CIA director (barred from ET information, like most others in this list)
  • Several of Bill Clinton closest aides, like Jack Gibbons
  • Adm. Tom Wilson, head of intelligence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (barred from ET information)
  • Andy Card, Chief of Staff of president George W. Bush (spoke out his support to one of the Disclosure witnesses on the day of the National Press Event in May 2001)
  • Boutros-Boutros Ghali, head United Nations (barred from ET information)
  • Laurance Rockefeller, older brother of David Rockefeller.
  • Prince Hans Adam von Liechtenstein.
  • "Y.H.", a European financier and hotelier who attended the Bohemian Grove (where participants were told that there's nothing to the UFO phenomenon after members started discussing the Disclosure Project in 2001).
  • Ira Rosen, executive producer at ABC News, whose in depth items about Greer were not allowed to air.
  • Bob Schwarz, director of Time-Life, who was not allowed to publish important MJ-12 related documents.
  • Larry King, who said journalistic integrity has been out of the window for many years.
  • Ted Koppel, anchorman of ABC who expressed support for Greer's search for a free energy device
  • Sarah McClendon, the famed White House correspondent.
  • Senator and General Barry Goldwater , who tried to find out about the UFO phenomenon, but was blocked from all sides.
  • Senator Claiborne Pell, chairman of Foreign Relations (played a dubious role).
  • Senator Robert Byrd, president pro tempore of the Senate.
  • Senator Dick Bryan, head of Senate Intelligence Committee.
  • Senator Ted Kennedy, brother of JFK and RFK.
  • Congressman Dan Burton, chair Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations.
  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich , who invited Greer to give his staff a briefing.
  • Congressman Virgil Goode, who said to Greer: "I've been reading about what you've been doing, for some time - a lot of us have." And also: "But, you know, there's another group that really runs the show. It's very shadowy, just as you've described... Those of us in the Congress of the United States are window dressing."
  • Astronauts Edgar Mitchell (seems to disagree about the moon anomalies, and such, but does agree about the control group) and Brian O'Leary, and several other astronauts have stated they have seen UFOs.
  • About 500 Disclosure Project witnesses, which include many intelligence people from all agencies, and many scientists from NASA, Lockheed, and other aerospace and defense corporations.

Missing index

Below I created a partial index of Greer's book 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge'. It should make it much easier to find certain passages when you need them in the future.

36-37 "Alien Reproduction Vehicles", "Programmed Life Forms" (one near Dulce), abduction research funding, and a staged alien threat; claim that Opus Dei has a cell within it that is very much involved in these projects
77 Initial advice to Greer by National Security lawyer
80 Difference between Alien Reproduction Vehicles and real ET craft
81 UFO organization not allowed to publish the successful CSETI event to contact extraterrestrials
82-85 Attempt to recruit Greer into General T.E. (Albert Stubblebine) and Col. MK (John Alexander) cell at UFO conference; People at UFO conference were friends with the British royal family
87 Greer's successful crop circle meditation in England
98-103 Lawrance Rockefeller and Galbraith experience
99 General T.E. people say they control all satellites
99-100 Mr. X meeting
117 CIA director James Woolsey experiences consciousness-linked real-time monitoring systems
119-121 Wrigley Mansion meeting
123 Threats against Carter and Clinton
126 Meeting with wife of the head of the United Nations
127 Giving all info to stranger on bench
128 Meeting with Prince S.A. in New York
130 Relative of red-haired Roswell sergeant in today's black programs
134 Objective to kill billions of people
138-139 Document about the death death/assassination of Marilyn Monroe
147-148 Greer's conversation with Larry King.
149 Greer's responsibility for the Phoenix lights
151 Staged attack on the earth to form worldwide big brother government
153 Von Braun also warned against psychotronic weaponry
156 Colby's role in the ET projects
157 Electromagnetic transfer of cancers
165 Greer about the Sangre de Cristo mountains with which Maurice Strong has an obsession
177-180 How the abduction phenomenon has been staged, according to Greer
179 Paul Bennewitz case
182 Lord Hill Norton meeting and claim about Lord Mountbatten assassination
183-184 The role of Admiral Harry Trane
185 General/Senator Barry Goldwater and General Curtis LeMay
186 To Barry Goldwater about "Admiral Y.N.: "... he's like MJ-12 Number 3."
187 Vice president George Humphrey and Kirtland AFB ET projects
192 Roswell explanation
193 Acknowledges the work of Catherine Austin Fitts
193 Power structure: Mormonism, Vatican, hired contractors, the Devil's Disciples, etc.
194 Black ops "UFO researcher and picture analyst"; James Jesus Angleton descendant
197-204 How the May 2001 National press event came about; meetings with politicians and media people
203 Talk with a Bohemian grove participant; disinfo campaign against Grovers
221 The cell in which George Shultz and Bechtel are involved
228-232 Involvement of the Vatican Secret Service, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, and the Jesuit Secret Service
235-236 A few worldwide facilities in which "Programmed Life Forms" (fake aliens like some Greys and Reptilians) are created (one of the most advanced in England); satanic rituals.
244 Conversation with Ted Koppel of ABC


July 1, 2006 - Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge: Dr. Greer's new book
Part 1 - identifying those made anonymous

Update, July 1: Reply from the Disclosure Project added.

While going through the digital Who's Who (1.3 million biographies) two weeks ago, I came across a handful of people who actually were polite enough to state they had been members of the 1001 Club. Though this might be a pathetically low number, especially compared to the 600 or so that have stated they were/are members of the Pilgrims Society, one of these people turned out to be Egmond Frommelt, a former chairman of the Bank of Liechtenstein, one of the banks owned by Prince Hans Adam von Liechtenstein.

This small discovery reminded me of the fact that I still had to buy Dr. Steven Greer's new book, 'Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge.' Why? Because Greer has spoken to Hans Adam, who used to be known as a prominent UFO investigator. And the one thing I always wanted to find out is where ufology, the supernatural, and the elitist institutions combine.

Besides the fact that there's no index, the only thing that bothered me about Greer's (very interesting) new book

is the fact that the names of most of the UFO investigators he accuses of being in bed with military intelligence are censored out. Although he probably has good reasons for doing this, it painfully reminds me of the Dutroux X-file affair ("Politician O."; "Businessman P."; "Mayor T."). Fortunately, in contrast to the X-Files, Greer doesn't make it very hard to find out the true identities of most of the people he accuses. So, let's have a look at who hides behind those fictitious names.

Below, in the first column, you can see a list of names that appear in the book. The next two columns respectively show what I think is the real name, and how sure I am about it. Further down you can read in great detail how these conclusions were reached. When reading the book, I suggest you keep this list at hand. If you think one of the names is wrong, just send me an email.

Name in book Real name (as thought by PEHI) How sure
General T.E. [p. 82-85, 99] Gen. Albert Stubblebine Near 100%
Col. MK [p. 82, 133] Col. John Alexander Near 100%
W.B. [p. 88, 116] Robert Bigelow Near 100%
"slippery shadowy-op psychiatrist" [p. 82-83] Rima Laibow About 55%
C.B. Scott Jones [p. 99] C.B. Scott Jones 100%
Lawrance Rockefeller [p. 98, 101-102] Lawrance Rockefeller 100%
"Woman in Red" [p. 98] Marie Galbraith Near 100%
"Bruce"[p. 98] Evan Galbraith Near 100%
Mr. X [p. 99-100] Dr. John Mack About 65%
Prince S.A. [p. 128-130] Hans Adam von Liechtenstein Near 100%

From left to right: Gen. Stubblebine, Col. Alexander, Rima Laibow, Bob Bigelow, Evan Galbraith, John Mack, and Hans Adam von Liechtenstein.

95% of the following information is readily available on the internet. They're just basic biographies with not a whole lot of disputed information.

Gen. Albert "Bert" Stubblebine III

Hints by Greer about General T.E.'s identity:
1) General T.E. was a former head of Army Intelligence
2) General T.E. was present at the April 1992 meeting in Atlanta with Steven Greer. The General held a speech.
3) General T.E.'s sidekick was Col. MK (John Alexander)

Born in 1930. Republican and Presbyterian. Graduated from West Point in 1952. MA in chemical engineering from Columbia in 1961. Army intelligence officer. Head of INSCOM (Army Intelligence) 1980-1984 (1). During this time, he launched a series of secret projects at Fort Meade involving remote viewing, in which Col. John Alexander was involved. Participated in the course Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) of Col. John Alexander in 1983. Vice president of Intelligence Systems at BDM International from about 1984 to 1990, an aerospace and defense contractor, which is suspected by some of involvement in ET technology back-engineering programs and psychotronic weapon development. Chairman of PSI TECH since 1990. Ed Dames and Col. John Alexander, a close associate of Stubblebine (3), were directors of PSI-TECH. Worked on several remote viewing related projects until 1993. Lectured on remote viewing at several conferences in April and May of 1992, where he was introduced by Dr. Steven Greer (2). Member of the Executive Advisory Board for the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security. On the board of Canadian Submarine Technologies, Inc. Said to have played a role in the Aviary, the intelligence group said to have interfaced with the civilian UFO community.

Col. John Alexander B.

Hints by Greer about Col. MK's (reference to Mind Kontrolle, as in MK-ULTRA?) identity:
1) According to Greer, the Col. is often referred to as Dr. Death and has a Ph.D. in Thanatology.
2. Col. MK was head of the psychotronic and non-lethal weapons programs.

3) Present at the April 1992 meeting in Atlanta with Steven Greer.

4) Married a "journalist", who, like John, can be quite vulgar.
5) Close associate of General T.E., (Stubblebine)

Entered the US Army as a private in 1956. Commanded Special Forces "A" Teams in Vietnam and Thailand 1966-1969. His teams are said to have been involved in Project Phoenix terror campaign. Supposedly received a Ph.D. in Thanatology (1) , a study of the social and emotional aspects surrounding death. Taught the course Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 1983, which counted among its participants Gen. Albert Stubblebine and Al Gore (who since then became a good friend of Alexander). Alexander worked closely with his superior, Gen. Stubblebine, since this period, on a number of paranormal/UFO issues. Both have been interested in creating an elite soldier with very powerful paranormal abilities. Director of non-lethal weapons (2) testing at Los Alamos in the 1980s. Officially retired from the US Army as a Colonel in 1988. Director of PSI-TECH, together with Major Ed Dames (who cranks out doom scenario after doom scenario these days), at the time Gen. Stubblebine was its chairman. Organized and chaired five major conferences on non-lethal weapons. Task Force member of the CFR's 1995 Nonlethal Technologies Independent Task Force Report. JASON scientist Richard L. Garwin, and Richard "Prince of Darkness" Perle were two other members of the CFR's task force. Involved in the creation of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. Served as a US delegate to four NATO studies on non-lethal weapons. Important scientist at NIDS, which was founded in 1995, and a close associate of its owner and president, the shadowy Las Vegas (Nevada) businessman Robert Bigelow. Married Victoria Lacas (Alexander), an abduction researcher and rather vulgar Las Vegas-based film reviewer/ journalist for the Devil's Hammer (4). Victoria has written a comedy screenplay called BeDeviled, which is about a woman whose sister is having a love affair with the devil. She also gets along well with Stubblebine (5), and has been photographed having dinner with John's friend, Edward Teller. She is said to be on a strange diet of only 500 calories a day. Student of mysticism and of the South American ritual use of ayahuasca. In the past few years, John and Victoria have visited Peru, Brazil, Antarctica, Mali, Nepal, Turkey and Argentina. One of the founders of the International Remote Viewing Association. In the past few years, John and Rima have visited Peru, Brazil, Antarctica, Mali, Nepal, Turkey and Argentina. Great supporter of using advanced technologies to create a "safe" police state. Said to have played a role in the Aviary, the intelligence group said to have interfaced with the civilian UFO community. Alexander confirmed the existence of the Aviary and some of the people involved, but claims it was just an inside joke to paranoid people who didn't want to state their own name over the telephone. Claims UFOs and abductions are real, but denies there's any government conspiracy in covering up crashed alien technology and back engineering projects. Instead, he believes the government ignored the whole issue after they acknowledged the phenomenon wasn't an issue of national security. Denounced the books of Howard Blum ("preposterous"), Gregg Bishop/Richard Doty ("factually totally inaccurate"), and Jon Ronson, which are critical of his person. Doesn't support Greer at all. Although supposedly a friend of Col. Philip Corso, he claims that most of the technological issues raised in the book weren't correct, and that Corso had been planning on correcting some of these issues (but is now dead).

Robert "Bob" T. Bigelow

Hints by Greer about W.B.'s identity:
1) Funded the investigation into the new British crop circle phenomenon in the summer of 1992
2) Very wealthy businessman from Nevada

Graduated from Arizona State University in 1967 with a BA in Business Administration. Made a fortune with his Budget Suites of America, a hotel chain spanning the U.S. states of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Started attending UFO conferences in the 1980s. The most prominent American financier in the paranormal. Funded Bob Lazar after his November 1989 expose on a TV show hosted by George Knapp. Bigelow sponsored a 1992 Roper Poll designed to elicit from respondents whether they had experienced any of a number of phenomena connected with the abduction experience. David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and John Mack worked on the project, which they termed a success. Bigelow also footed the bill for those researchers' workshops on the psychological impact of abduction, which were given to mental health professionals around the country free of charge. Largely sponsored Project Argus in July 1992, a crop circle research program in England (1). Greer claims Bigolow's researchers did some interesting field work, but completely sanitized CSETI's successful experiment to request a specific formation (CSETI is not the only one who accomplished this feat). Linda Moulton Howe, who has written books on cattle mutilations and other phenomena, received a research grant from Bigelow in 1994 to study plant and animal tissue associated with mutilation cases. Proposed and funded an attempt in the 1994-1995 period to form a coalition between the three major UFO reporting centers: MUFON, FUFOR, and CUFOS. Bigelow pulled the plug from this project in late 1995, after a conflict with the individual leaders who were of the opinion that Bigelow was trying to control the individual institutions too much. Col. John Alexander is said to have advised Bigelow on this issue. Formed the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) in October 1995, a relatively low-profile UFO/paranormal investigation institute that often doesn't share a its research with the public. NIDS scientists have included Col. John B. Alexander, Victoria Alexander, Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Novel, Hal Puthoff, Jacques Vallee, Colm A. Kelleher, and Bruce Maccabee. Bigelow's team has been very interested in the Sherman ranch since 1995, which some have suspected is an interdimensional doorway. Shut down NIDS in 2004, supposedly because there was nothing left to investigate. Founded Bigelow Aerospace in 1999, a a Las Vegas, Nevada-based (2) space technology start-up company that is pioneering work on expandable space station modules. Director of the Space Transportation Association and the Space Tourism Division. Member of the Mars Society. Member of the Nevada Test Site Association. Director of the Rhine Research Center. President and owner of Bigelow Management Inc., the Bigelow Development Corp., Bigelow Aerospace, and NIDS. Bigelow has always been very camera-shy, and there are plenty of rumors of this person being a front for intelligence agencies and having connections to the mafia. Col. John Alexander has always defended him.

Rima E. Laibow *

Hints by Greer about the psychiatrist's identity:
1) Psychiatrist, but supposedly NOT present at the 1993 JY Ranch meeting which was hosted by Lawrance Rockefeller (where Greer met the spaced-out abduction researcher)
2) Present at April 1992 conference
3) "slippery shadowy-ops" side-kick of General T.E. / Gen. Stubblebine

Born in 1943. Received a MD from Einstein College in 1969. Established psychiatrist (1) and Neurologist. Has been practicing drug-free medicine as the Medical Director of her private practice for over 3 decades. Activist against the Codex Alimentarius. Founder and president of the Neurotherapy Certification Board and an editor of the Journal of Neurotherapy. Founded The Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma (TREAT) in 1989. Organized several quite-exclusive TREAT conferences in the following years, which focused a lot on alien abductions and finding out the details through remote viewing. Col. John Alexander was a program director at at least some of these conferences. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, Ed Dames, Dr. Stephan Schwartz, Jack Houck, Dr. Craig Jensen were some of the people speaking at these conferences ("semi 2"). As usual, Ed Dames, a PSI-TECH board member told some amazingly creepy stories about hibernating aliens and their genetic experimentations. Interestingly, it has been reported that Laibow has claimed to be an abductee herself. Previously associated with Budd Hopkins. In the summer of 1991, C.B. Scott Jones and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas. Laibow, Stubblebine, ufologist Victoria Lacas (wife of John Alexander), and Jones toured Europe and the Soviet Union, where they established a prodigious UFO/Psi network. Married Gen. Albert Stubblebine (3) at some point. She is the architect, along with her husband, Gen. Stubblebine III, of AEGIS, of a comprehensive Homeland Security private initiative, to increase effectiveness and costs of the organization. On the board of Canadian Submarine Technologies, Inc. Doesn't agree at all with Steven Greer's and Helmut Lammer's theories of MILABs, or military-induced "alien" abductions. According to Lammer, she has misstated a lot of his work.

* Because point 1 and 2 cannot be verified by me, it remains quite uncertain if Greer is talking about Laibow.

C.B. Scott Jones

Greer gives his name

Born 1928. Joined the Navy around 1946. Career officer, served as a fighter pilot in the Korean War. A.B. in Government from George Washington University in 1961. M.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland in 1963. Ph.D. in International Studies from American University in 1975. Served in Naval Intelligence in the 1960s and 1970s. Has briefed the President's Scientific Advisory Committee (PSAC), which included a bunch of members of the JASON Group and MJ-12 (if the latter one existed). Retired from the Navy around 1976 due to a parapsychological experience. Worked for some intelligence-linked (DIA; ONI) companies after his retirement from Naval Intelligence. Did lots of work on the paranormal. Often escorted Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein. Together, they visited parapsychological laboratories and UFO conferences. Conducted his own dolphin telepathy studies along with Col. John Alexander and Theodore Rockwell, a prominent nuclear engineer who has worked on naval nuclear propulsion systems and who also serves as vice president of the U.S. Psychotronics Association. Aide to Senator Claiborne Pell (chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) 1985-1991, but did nothing other then work in the paranormal. Founder and President of the Human Potential Foundation, which included Sen. Pell on the board, and was the institute that was later accused of funneling Laurance Rockefeller's big bucks to John Mack's abduction research center. Trustee of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) since 1985 and identified as its president in 1992. In 1989, MUFON appointed Jones as a Special Consultant in International Relations, formalizing the relationship. Funded Rima Laibow's January 1990 TREAT II conference (Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma). About 70 investigators, including many research psychologists, clinicians, MDs, physicists and assorted intellectuals who take the abduction phenomenon very seriously met for five days to share ideas. This was by invitation only -- no publicity desired or allowed. Scott chaired a panel, conferred with the university sponsors, acted as liaison with the Prince of Liechtenstein (who was the major benefactor of the conference), and conferred on strategic organizational issues with Walter Andrus, the leader of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and John Schuessler, Andrus' close ufological associate and second- in-command. TREAT was organized by Rima Laibow, MD, a psychiatrist determined to get mainstream attention for the abduction puzzle. She was the obvious and very visible leader, but Scott was never far. In the fall of 1990, Jones and Laibow lectured together in England. As late as the summer of 1991, Jones and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander (retired from the U.S. Army) to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas. In the field of ufology, one searches in vain for significant published material from the hand of Scott Jones. Headed the Human Potential Foundation in the 1990s, which included among its board members Sen. Pell. The Human Potential Foundation funneled Laurance Rockefeller's money (hundreds of thousands of dollars) to John Mack's Abduction research center. In the summer of 1991, C.B. Scott Jones and Laibow were planning a yachting excursion together with Col. John Alexander to investigate anomalies in the Bahamas. Laibow, Stubblebine, ufologist Victoria Lacas (wife of John Alexander), and Jones toured Europe and the Soviet Union, where they established a prodigious UFO/Psi network. The scientist Michael Persinger is said to have been a good friend of Jones. Also acquainted with Eldon Byrd, a paranormal and mind control researcher who worked for the navy on a variety of non-lethal weapons. Said to have been a member of the Aviary.

Marie Galbraith

Hints by Greer about the Woman in Red's identity:
1) Present at Lawrance Rockefeller's 1993 JY Ranch meeting, together with Greer
2) Husband of "Bruce", the former ambassador to France and a Morgan Stanley investment banker who once worked for the CIA
3) Stole Steven Greer's "The Best Available Evidence" by hiring a UFO writer (Don Berliner?) and copywriting the work, only distributing it to high level circles. Struggled with Greer over the public sharing of this information.

Husband of Evan Galbraith since December 1964, the former ambassador to France and a Morgan Stanley investment banker who once worked for the CIA (2). Marie and Steven Greer first met at a two day meeting of eight UFO researchers convened by the Human Potential Foundation at the JY Ranch of Laurence Rockefeller (1) near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in September of 1993. At the time, Marie supposedly knew almost nothing about the UFO topic. Here Greer informed the researchers about his Disclosure Project plan. Marie went to Laurance Rockefeller in 1994-1995 to ask him to fund a 169 page report, titled 'Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence' (Greer's version on this subject differs; Marie and Lawrance have never explained this issue). The main author of the report, which was originally only distributed to world leaders and other influential persons (although it's doubtful how many reports actually arrived) , was initially written by UFO author Don Berliner (wrote the 1992 book 'Crash at Corona' with Stanton Friedman), but later heavily edited by Fate magazine UFO columnist Antonio Huneeus, who had been hired by Galbraith. Supposedly this was done so world leaders wouldn't be caught unaware when the reality of the alien presence was announced. Marie co-authored the report. Steven Greer initially thought he would be part of the project, but was left out at Galbraith's insistence. As 1995 evolved the relationship between Greer and Galbraith deteriorated until in October 1995, they corresponded for the last time. The most objectionable thing to most of the UFORC (Marie's research group) members about Greer appeared to be some of the philosophy and methodology of Greer’s CSETI group. "Greer was considered a loose cannon at best," one member said, "no one in the larger group would ever have allowed Greer anywhere near the project." When questioned in 1997 about Greer’s possible involvement in the drafting of the BAE, Don Berliner stated that "the implication that he worked with Greer and CSETI to be highly insulting, and damaging to his reputation as a professional writer." Greer claims the work was originally of CSETI and was stolen by Galbraith. A lawsuit followed when Greer shared the document with the world (3). Marie has been quoted as saying: "I think to be skeptical is extremely healthy because I was, when I started out. Only because I've just been with the head of the Belgian Air Force and the head of French intelligence do I take it seriously now." She is also quoted as having said: "Our goal is to have elected officials decide what is secret and what is not because now the bureaucrats keep all the secrets. They don’t even keep the Congress and President informed."

Evan G. Galbraith

Hints by Greer about Bruce's identity:
1) husband of the 'Woman in Red' (Marie Galbraith)
2) one of President Reagan's ambassadors
3) on the board of Morgan Stanley and many top transnational companies
4) former CIA operative

Born in 1928. Graduated from Yale University and Harvard Law School. Active duty in the Navy from 1953-1957 where he worked for the CIA (4). Confidential assistant to the secretary of Commerce 1960-1961. Vice president of Morgan Guaranty Trust of New York and Paris 1961-1969. Married Marie Helene Rockwell in 1964 (1). Chairman of Bankers Trust International 1969-1975. Managing director at Dillon, Read & Co. in London and New York 1975-1981. Reagan's ambassador to France 1981-1985 (2). Member of the CFR since the early 1980s. Advisory director of Morgan Stanley since 1985 (3). Chairman of the board of National Review, a conservative political magazine founded by author William F. Buckley Jr. in 1955. Rumsfeld's representative in Europe and the defense advisor to the U.S. mission to NATO since September 7, 2001. Director of Groupe Lagardere S.A. in Paris, which controls, together with Daimler Benz, the European Aerospace and Defense Systems corporation (EADS), Europe's largest defense contractor and principal owner of Airbus. Lived in Europe for more than 20 years as a banker. Has been to the Bohemian Grove Hillbillies camp.

John Mack E. *

Hints by Greer about Mr. X's identity:
1) Very prestigious abduction researcher
2) Funded by Lawrance Rockefeller
3) Funded by Prince S.A. (Hans Adam von Liechtenstein)
4) Wrote a best-selling book
5) Present at Lawrance Rockefeller's 1993 JY Ranch meeting, together with Greer
6) Used psychedelics on a daily basis, although this isn't know to the public
7) Claimed to be a victim because he has been persecuted for doing his abduction research

Born in 1929. Shortly before his investigations into alien abductions, Mack was a student at the Esalen Institute [mid 1980s], which was founded in 1962 with the help of Aldous Huxley. The institute held many seminars on esoteric topics, including psychology, gesalt therapy, body work, psychic phenomena, mysticism, psychedelics, and quantum physics. Psychedlics ("semi 7") were quite popular and frequently used by the staff and students (mass murderer Charles Manson spent Aug. 5, 1969 at Esalen, just four days before he unleashed the "Helter Skelter" murder spree). Founded the psychiatric department of Cambridge Hospital. Joined the Harvard Medical School faculty in 1964. Became a Harvard professor of psychiatry in 1972. Founded the Center for Psychology and Social Change, which was affiliated with Harvard, in 1983. In June of 1992, John Mack and MIT physicist David E. Pritchard chaired the Abduction Study Conference at MIT, which was largely funded by Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein (3) . Speakers and abduction researchers at the five day conference included Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. John G. Miller, Dr. Richard Boylan, Budd Hopkins (supposedly worked for the CIA to come up with therapies for the abductees), and John S. Carpenter. Went to Lawrance Rockefeller's YT Ranch in 1993, where Dr. Steven Greer explained his Disclosure Project initiave (5). It has been reported that Mack founded his Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER) in 1993 with a Lawrance Rockefeller grant (2) of $194,000. PEER, an "alien abductee support group" laid the groundwork for Mack's 1994 best-selling book 'Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens' (4). It has also been reported that Lawrance Rockefeller, through the Human Potential Foundation, funded John Mack's center with $250,000 annually in the 1990s (2). Mack himself is said to have privately acknowledged to have received funds from ex-CIA sources. In 1999, his book 'Passport to the Cosmos' was published. Mack was of the opinion that aliens A) were attempting to change human consciousness to prevent the destruction of the Earth's ecosystems and B) to create offsping from aliens and humans. Ran over by a car in 2003 in London. He had become one the most well-known and one of the most respected alien abduction researcher (1).

* Grant Cameron gave the names of those researchers who attended the September 1993 JY Ranch meeting, hosted by Lawrance Rockefeller. Although possibly not complete, it only shows two abduction researchers, both psychiatrists:
- Dr. John Mack
- Dr. Leo Sprinkle
Of these two, John Mack seems to fit best by far, although much less detail is available about Dr. Leo Sprinkle's funding. But Sprinkle certainly hasn't reached the star-status of Dr. John Mack.

Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein

Hints by Greer about Prince S.A.'s identity:
1) Prince S.A. claims his brother has been abducted by aliens
2) Greer has spoken about Hans-Adam's involvement in sponsoring the ET.
3) Greer already claimed he had spoken with Hans Adam personally, like he does with "Prince S.A."

About the only monarch in the world who still has (almost) absolute power in his own country. Ruler of Liechtenstein, the money-laundering paradise of the world. Has 3 brothers (1): Filips Erasmus, Nicolaas Ferdinand, and Frans Jozef Wenceslaus. Hans Adam has sponsored many UFO related projects, especially those dealing with abduction research (2). Greer was told this during a personal conversation both with the fictitious "Prince S.A." and the real Prince Hans Adam (3). Co-funded the June 1992 Abduction Study Conference at MIT, which included the research of John Mack (Rockefeller and-or CIA funded), David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins (supposedly worked for the CIA to come up with therapies for the abductees), and several others. Friend of Senator Pell. and funded some of this person's projects.

Lawrance S. Rockefeller

Greer gives his name

Member of the famous Rockefeller brothers. Former investment banker and environmentalist (member of the Peace Parks foundation with David Rockefeller). Funded the work of Dr. Steven Greer, although a later, much larger donation was intercepted by the CIA people surrounding him. It was funneled in other UFO projects, like that of Dr. John Mack. According to Greer, Lawrance was sincerely interested in finding out what was behind the UFO phenomenon, but was pressured by his family to leave it alone, while the people that surrounded him effectively rendered his donations largely useless. According to Greer, who has met with Lawrance on several occasions, he finally lost interest in the topic because of people like Marie Galbraith who were manipulating the investigations he sponsored. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of his went to Dr. John Mack's abduction research center. When "The Best Available Evidence" was released to elite political and business circles in 1996, Lawrance didn't order many copies for himself to distribute. The copies he did request went to general Colin Powell, former president Nixon, Henry Kissinger, evangelist Billy Graham, and Maurice F. Strong. Lawrance was involved in Strong's Baca ranch near the Sangro de Cristo mountains.

In part two of this article on 'Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge' we'll take a quick look at what Greer's view on the global power structure is. Fortunately, he does give some very important names here, and it eerily falls together with the power structure the author of this site (and others, of course) has been describing (although a lot is still not ready to be uploaded). Unfortunately, even the very gory details in Greer's book, which luckely is overwhelmingly positive, sound all to familiar.

July 1, email to the Disclosure Project:

I would like you to know that I found Dr. Greer's new book very interesting and loved reading it. But I couldn't resist to try identify some of those made anonymous. Therefore I wrote a short article, which can be found here: . If anyone at the Disclosure Project would like to confirm or deny the names I'd very much appreciate it (although I understand if you choose not to).

Could you please tell me what has been the reason to censor names like Hans Adam von Liechtenstein ("Prince S.A.") in the book while Dr. Greer already spoke about this person's role in the past?

Reply from the Disclosure Project:

No, we are not going to confirm or deny any of those names. That would defeat the purpose of Dr. Greer's using initials only in the first place. We would very much appreciate if you removed that information from the web site.

Well, let's not remove anything. I didn't waste so many hours analysing these names. Besides, if Greer really wanted these names to remain anonymous, the only thing he had to do was to quit dropping all those hints.


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