Free-Conversant / License



Through the act of initiating a web site in this domain, you indicate that you understand and accept as a matter of use, the terms and conditions that follow.


  • Through developing and deploying a Free-Conversant site, you agree to Macrobyte Resources' ("Macrobyte") oversight for publicizing your site to the Web and storage of the content.
  • Macrobyte reserves the right to delete your site or messages that violate these rules or laws or infringe on the rights of others. We may do this without notice.
  • Macrobyte reserves the right to change the terms of this license at any time without prior notice.
  • Macrobyte retains copyright ownership of Conversant software, the appearance and usability aspects, and content Macrobyte provides.

Recinded Liabilities

  • Macrobyte does not make any guarantees, either written or implied, as to the usability of this free service for any purpose.
  • Macrobyte is not liable for any damages related to the use of this free service.
  • Macrobyte does not accept any liability based on the content posted on any free Conversant website, mailing list, or newsgroup.
  • Macrobyte will not be held liable in any manner for loss of data resulting from the use of this free service.

Actions Not Allowed

  • You will not create more than one Free-Conversant site without prior written authorization from Macrobyte.
  • You will not use any services provided by Macrobyte for purposes of transmitting pornography or any illegal material.
  • You will not use any services provided by Macrobyte in any manner which is illegal in your regional government, or would be considered illegal according to the laws of Connecticut, or the United States of America.
  • You will not possess nor use the intellectual property of others including Macrobyte for any purpose unless given written permission to do so.

Macrobyte's Promise to You

  • Macrobyte will not give your membership information to any other company, and will only use your email address to send you information specific to the Free-Conversant service.

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